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KCDesign 防傾桿簡介 / Sway Bar Introduction

KCDesign 防傾桿 介紹:

採用符合原廠防傾桿規範,採用 SAE9254 彈簧鋼材所研發製造,全桿體一體成形無燒焊和接點,並經過數十萬次的扭曲測試,無任何變形與金屬疲勞之現象。
全系列產品均選用法拉利黃 之年輕的色調來當作產品主色,凸顯現在改裝族群個性化的象徵,『改裝』 就要勇敢的 Show 出來!

KCDesign 防傾桿產品特性:
  1. 使用SAE9254 彈簧鋼材製造,符合原廠防傾桿的材料使用規範以及更耐久的使用壽命
  2. 採用與原廠相同材質的橡膠原料,並加強其硬度,來達成與原廠防傾桿橡膠相同的使用壽命
  3. 有效抑制因激烈操駕而產生的車身側傾,大幅提升操控及駕馭樂趣。

KCDesign One Piece Integrated Sway Bar Design Concept
        The core reason for choosing solid srping steel is safety.  Many use hollow tube to save weight, but there are far more incidences for the hollow ones to break during usage than sway bars made with solid steel tubes.  In this incidence weight saving comes at a cost of safety.   As a result, sway bars made with solid steel are better than those with hollow design in terms of safety and longevity.  KCDsign focuses on  European cars and resolves handling issues with upgraded sway bars.  KCDsign has passed ISO certification and works with major OEM manufacturers. 
        The Follow Are the Characteristics of Spring Steel
  1. Use SAE9254 one piece hot forged spring steel, which conforms to sway bar material of original manufacture and able to achieve longer performance cycle.
  2. Reinforced rubber material, such that the sway bars and the rubber pars share similar life span.
  3. Arrest body roll during spirited driving situations, largely improving handling characteristics and driving pleasure.