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​How to choose chassis products of KCDesign?

How to choose chassis products of KCDesign? Are you suitable to use these products?
  • Why do we need to install strut bars or sway bars?
As long as you drive slowly and feel steady, then you don’t need to buy our products.
You’re suitable to install the chassis strut bars if understeer happens when you’re driving.
We’ll suggest to install rear sway bar if the passenger feel dizzy when you’re driving.
  • Do I need to install strut bars or sway bars if I’ve upgraded shock absorbers?
People believe that a great set of shock absorber is better than to install strut bars and sway bars, however, what’s the definition of good shock absorbers? It costs about USD 1724 for an imported brands of shock absorbers, are they really suitable for everyone? Some of friends still feel not good enough after modifying the famous imported shock absorbers, so that they come here to install strut bars and sway bars.
Most top models of BMW have electronic suspension control system that cause the price of shock absorber costs about USD 3103, removing the electronic suspension control system is included. From the point of cost-performance ratio, to install strut bars and sway bar is more worthy than modify shock absorbers, because our products can match the suspension system of original factory.
It depends on your budget to decide what to buy first, basically, all of the products could be used until you buy the new car. If you still want to modify shock absorbers, there are several things you need to know, leaking oil might happen, the hanging point may have abnormal sound, after few years passed, the shock absorbers are getting weakly, you need to spend USD 1800-2100 to get new one, but the original one is still good there, why don’t we let the original to achieve the biggest efficacy?
  • What’s the function timing of chassis strut bars, sway bars and suspension system?
Both of shock absorbers and sway bars are belong a part of suspension system, they're relative. Most of users wish their car develop toward comfort after modifying the shock absorbers, so they're looking for a product which is comfortable and able to control, and tilting is still happened, especially on the race track. It's more serious if the car only modified shock absorbers, the feeling is just like without installing it. That’s the reason to install the sway bars to avoid the tilting, let the shock absorbers to react the road conditions.
How about the strut bars? Strut bars are like a conductor, when the above-mentioned sports environment occurs, the body shell are received the violent pulling from every parts and fight back the tilting G force, they make the power transfer to other parts fast, that’s why KCDesign always emphasize our strut bars are for car body shell and not for frame of car. We focus on strengthening the body shell but not frame of car. The frame of car will transmit the force fast because of driving violently. The car body is too long to absorb forces at the same time, so that there is no way for shock absorbers to absorb shocks to cause the car is shaking. In other words, if you just strengthen the frame of car, the car body shell can’t absorb equally, then you'll feel the shock absorbers are touching the bottom. Through our product that we designed for every different car models, the force will be transmit to opposite angles fast, then the shock absorbers of four wheels will be steady and not hard.
Many car manufacturers utilize high quality steel to produce car body shell, it’s not only for the safety, but also creating steady feeling when you’re driving. So are our designed ideas, wish you will like it!
  • What’s the feeling after installing front strut bar? Do I really need to modify my car?
By the original front strut bar of Volvo R-Design and BMW, we can know that for European car, the main points of front structural except beauty and performance, the directivity will be better and has less body tilting. For instance, some brands of cars will have Sport mode to switch, then the steering wheel will be heavier, but when you install front strut bar, you can enjoy similar feeling without switching Sport mode.
  • What will I feel after installing strut bars and sway bars?
Most developed car models will be steady a little bit after installing strut bars because of shock absorbers and damping will be hard, the feeling is like after installing sway bars. The second thing is the stability of car body will be different between installation of strut bars and sway bars.
After a set strut bars installing will have steady and half feeling is like installing rear sway bars, the tilting situation will be better a bit. Modifying rear sway bars will help shock absorbers and damping upgrading, so the rear car body will be neither too hard nor too soft.
  • Do I need to change sway bar link if I install sway bars?
Normally, you don’t need to change sway bar link as long as the sway bars which is designed according to original factory. There also have adjustable sway bar links to be installed, you will feel harder because of it has changed the action of original sway bars, relatively, it sustains bigger torsion, so that the lifetime is shorter.
No matter modify sway bar link or not, it belongs to consumables, the lifetime is according to the using of situation. Now, you can understand that modifying sway bar doesn’t mean it will never be broken.
The followings are our Volvo customers' experiences for installing strut bars and sway bar:
Andy ChXXX:
My V60 D4 is original without modifying anything and almost over the warranty period. I have no idea with the car body structure, but I install strut bars and rear sway bar directly, the steering wheel is tighter obviously when I was driving slowly through the narrow road with many holes, I can feel the car is steady and less shaking.
I weaved in and out of traffic and made a big U turn fast (I’m just testing, don’t do these dangerous actions when you’re driving), the improvement of tilting, shaking and directivity is in evidence.
After testing, I bought the rear sway bar undoubtedly, there’s nothing change when I was driving back on highway but I tested it on other roads again, every problems like tilting and directivity have been improved after modification, my car is steadier than before truly.
I suggest that you guys just visit there, and try it. The boss isn’t afraid that you guys to test his products, so don’t be shy to try. Furthermore, you might meet somebody drives the same car as yours, then you guys can share your experiences to each other as well.
Hank XXX:
My car is V60 T5 RD 2013, I'm not satisfied with the jumped feeling of original R design chassis. There has no problem when I was driving on the highway, but city-road is really awful, my family who sat at the back seat feels uncomfortable, it’s hard to endure it even I sat in the front seat. After I read some article on net, some people suggested to modify 17 inch wheels or shock absorbers, however, the cost is more expensive than modification of strut bars. I also had a bad experience when I drove A4, there had abnormal sound after I modified the shock absorbers, that’s why I want to try strut bars this time.
After the reviewing the chassis and the needs of comfort I emphasized, I don’t really need rear sway bar, so I just try the strut bars only. The biggest impression is that the shaking of chassis is reduced apparently when I drove through not smooth road, it improved the shaking a lot. The car body is steadier but not too hard. The feeling of comfort is raised up as well, and the comfort is not because of soft. The comfort might be different from the original Dynamic chassis, but it has less vibration and shaking. It’s acceptable after installing strut bars. I never modified the car before, and always keep original setting, I’m willing to modify the strut bars due to I hope my family can sit it comfortably. The most important is that testing the function of product actually is better than what people said on the website, because the feeling people shared will be different after all, just try it by yourself, then you will know what you really need.
Chou XXXX:
I installed the strut bars this afternoon, when I was testing the car, the feeling such as what the previous users said. The rear car body becomes strong, jumped feeling is lighter, I just got used to them about ten minutes.
I drove about 50km on the high way, when I was switching the lane, turned my steer wheel and sped up, then I smiled. That’s the feeling that I desire for a long time, I really enjoy it a lot.
Mr. Tsai:
My car is D4 2014, I have installed SPR front strut bar and sub frame gasket, but the feeling is stronger after I installed rear sway bar, the rear car body followed up the speed easily and obviously, although I couldn’t say it’s brisk like rear-drive. However, comparing with original one, it’s really worth to install this product. When I was switching the lane on the highway, shaking is disappeared. Sorry for short impression due to I need to pick up my wife and daughter, I will share my experience after I try the strut bars.
Mr Liu:
My wife asked me to command KC sway bar. The passengers feel dizzy when I drove. From now on, my wife never felt dizzy when I drove intensely between Hsinchu and Kaohsiung, she even didn’t feel dizzy when she was using her phone and listening to music on the car now.
Few days ago, I just post the problem of how could I improve tilting when I was making a turn in the club, I collected several suggestions from predecessors, the easy way is modifying sway bar.
I drove my wife’s back to her home this week, finally, I have chance to make a reservation with KCDesign to try the products the boss invented, he’s really enthusiasm that he wanted me to try the feeling of modifying whole strut bars, but my car is only for picking up my family, that’s why I just choose sway bars to modify, even though I really want to try them!
After the car is raised up, I just know there’s an original rear sway bar, it’s really thin that I can’t feel that thing is exist.
The boss installed the products rapidly, then we chatted about the ideas that why he invented these products, I can feel his enthusiasm about modified car, especially, I really admire that he’s brave enough to star his own business, the car was putting down at the meanwhile.
The boss said to me, “Ok, now you can test your car, you might feel the difference when you are reversing.” “Is that really amazing as what he said?” I thought. Guess what? I can feel the car body is steadier and road felling raised up, there’s no problem with too much jumped feeling, by the way, the most important is that the tilting is improved obviously when I was making a turn or switching the lane, that makes me feel, “Is this my car?” No wonder there are many predecessors said that please don’t try his products or you won’t want to remove it anymore, because his products are really awesome!
Here is the experience of modifying rear sway bar after two weeks, if there’s something wrong, just let me know.
@Introduction and Background
My car shakes intensely when I was switching the lane on the highway, the front bumper is positioned but the rear bumper can’t follow up.
One day, I drove my family up to the mountain, but we went back down after I drove only 6km, all of us feel dizzy although I made a turn with 40kph, slowed down in turn, sped up out the turn, after two s-shaped curves, I was blamed by my wife, I shocked too, because of there's nothing happened when I drove unmodified VGA, but why V60 had this problem? I don’t believe it happens no V60, so I tried again, this time is worse than last time, the first s-shaped curve makes me dizzy, then I discussed with the bosses and engineers of other brands, all of them said that the damping of shock absorbers can’t follow up, that cause the body hasn’t been positioned but shaking to another side, of course, it includes the bad driving behavior, so there are several plans can be considered as below:
  1. Costs lots of money to change suspension system. (The information below is from google and some netizen.)
KW V3 shock absorbers spilled oil after i drove intensely within two years, BILSTEIN has abnormal sound and also the chance oil spilling, but somebody said the Volvo’s car won’t have abnormal sound, there has less information about inverted fork shock absorbers of Gatto, Öhlins is too expensive that I would rather buy a new car than spend much money to modify it, and I have no idea about the shock absorber of original factory such as Polestar and Heico.
  1. Change the rear sway bar
I collected some brands’ information of the sway bar that I knew, mine original one is 21.5mm, SPR 23mm, SRT 24mm, KCDesign 25mm, and I have no idea about UltrraRaceing. Actually I want to take the intermediate value to install sway bar of SRT, unfortunately, it is out of stock recently, and I heard that KCDesign offer free trial, so that I made the appointment directly. Then I chatted with the boss for a while, I do really have confidence of his products, so I paid for it without any doubts.
My experience is as below:
It just costs few minutes to install the product so that I forgot to take a photo, that’s why I’m not going to talk about the process. I tested the car when I was driving back to my company on the high way and city-road.
The obvious changing after installing is that the jumped feeling to be tender, it’s like the car body is shorter, the directivity is also better.
When I just left KC’s company, the force transferred fast and apparently when I was driving through the holes, the jumped feeling came and back fast, it didn’t vibrate after shaking or just be too soft, but somebody thought that is hard. In my opinion, that is tender and steady when I was making a turn.
However, the feeling of front suspension is clear that showed some weakness of headstock because I just installed rear sway bar, the rear car body is positioned when I was switching the lane in middle or low speed, but the headstock costed few seconds to catch up the speed, just like what KC’s boss said, “that’s the result that modify rear shock absorbers but original for the front one.” However, the feeling of front suspension is clear that showed some weakness of headstock because I just installed rear sway bar, the rear car body is positioned when I was switching the lane in middle or low speed, but the headstock costed few seconds to catch up the speed, just like what KC’s boss said, “that’s the result of people who just modify rear shock absorbers but original for the front one.”
I drove to the road which has less car, then I spin the steer wheeling on purpose, the car body is steadier, tilting is reduced almost gone when I was making a turn into highway, what it brought is making a turn with high-speed.
In the beginning, it should remain some space to position car body when I was switching the lane with high-speed, but I can drive into the main lane without spinning back my car body sedulously now. And what instead of driving through expansion joints is “boom” sound.