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​Main idea for designing chassis strengthening of KCDesign

Main idea for designing chassis strengthening of KCDesign
       Many people thought that there is no benefits to install strut bars, what if the structural members are really good for our cars, why do original manufacturer not to install them directly?
The reason for KCDesign starts to design is solving the problems from everybody, not for selling them meaninglessly.

        KCDesign mainly focus on chassis strengthening, the products were designed by avoiding them too short to effect the performance of your car, or too low that may not have enough ground clearance.

The early days of KCDesign prioritize to design our products according to original manufacturer’s fulcrum point, the holes location and lock point, so that our products could be installed dramatically and steadily.
Not like the common animations or videos you see, they just strengthened front and rear crumple zones. The positions they installed couldn’t strength and satisfy the basic strengthen of European cars. Therefore, KCDesign offers completed chassis strengthening photos to let you know all structures clearly. Our products are not only invented like the arts, but also considering about the placements we installed are good-looking or not.

=Exploration of original equipment manufacturer =

        First, let’s talk about the structure of original manufacturer, for BMW, F2X and F3X have already been into the generation of using the same chassis. By the design of engine and chassis modularization to extend the narrowed wheel base and the length of car to produce all kinds of such models.

        Among the main model of BMW are series 1 to 4, there are 10 different kinds of models as below are extended by them.
  • 1 Sereis hatchback (F20 / F21)
  • 2 Series Coupé (F22 / F23)
  • 3 Series Sedan (F30 / F35)
  • 3 Series Touring (F31)
  • 3 Series Gran Turismo (F34)
  • 4 Series Coupé (F32 / F33)
  • 4 Series Gran Coupé (F36)
According to original manufacturer’s structures, here is the picture for the differences of these series as below:

        From the picture we can know that:
  • F20(hatchback) and F30(Sedan):
It seems that the user is considered to be more transported and given less structural components to increase maneuverability. Therefore, only one structural board is given to reinforce. Some of F20 like 116i and 118i, the maneuverability could be raised by installing more strengthen structural board.
  • F22 and F32 (Coupé)
The center of gravity of these two car are lower, it should offer much more fun of driving, therefore, they installed inverted V of structural bar on it to connect with I-beam. The thrust of rear wheels will be transferred to behind the middle of the body directly, so the handling and directivity will be better than gran coupé and hatchback.
  • F31 (Touring), F34 (Gran Turismo) and F36 (Gran Coupé)
Due to the height of back door and the length of the body are higher and longer, the wheel base did not increase as well. Except the inverted V strut bar, they added one more V strut bar to avoiding much more shaking for the extended car models.
  • F33 (Roadster)
The center of gravity of F33 are lower than coupe because of the headlining, at the meanwhile, the trunk needs to be placed the headlining and some brackets, so the original manufacturer utilized middle lower structural board and V strut bar to revise the problem of heavy rear car body.
=Optimization and Improvement of KCDesign =

        KCDesign referenced the design of original manufacturer to devise similar reinforcement strut bars to satisfy the shortcomings which is considered by market, but isn’t designed into the products. As the picture below:

        It’s obviously know that the main design of KCDesign for the products of BMW F2X and F3X is rear lower strut bar (4 points). In our testing experience of driving, we found out some rear body of sports car had X strut bar to raise up rear-engine and the agility of curve, so we put this idea in our product.


Let’s take original chassis of F20/F30 as an example, the picture we drew following is according to the inertia of the car, this place is where center of gravity be transferred when we’re driving.

        Due to the body has less enhancement of structure and no X strut bar, 4 driving-tires gets the feedback from road just could be absorbed by single shock absorber, they couldn’t counter action force. You’ll feel comfortable when you’re driving, but shaking in high-speed-driving. You’ll find out the front body can’t catch up rear body if you drive intensely.

After installed the structural bar of KCDesign, we take chassis of F31/F34 as an example, the following picture is how center of gravity changed.

        We give back the power feedback to unilateral tire when the four tires which are received by the power feedback of road. By the strut bars to increase the absorbing area to the middle of body. It will be more stable than before you haven’t installed our product, in other words, the feeling will be steady to instead of vibrating when you’re driving, and there is not too much change of suspension system, so that it will not affected the comfort.
        According to the designed-idea of X strut bar, as far as possible we device a big triangle strut bars that could lead the body with power of inertia by making the turn, the feature of rear-wheel drive will be obvious.
        The following pictures are actual photos of installation of every kind model of BMW:



@F32/F36 (Parts of models)

@F31/F34/F36 (Parts of models)

        There is no destructive construction with all strut bars, our products are designed by following the different kind of chassis models that could be installed suitably. We also considered about the caliber of exhaust pipe because of some costumers probably would like to modify the exhaust pipe, this will reduce the chance of the exhaust pipe couldn’t be installed. We’re please and welcome everybody to try it actually.

        In summary of all explaining, does everybody get the point what our design direction is of our products?
        As far as possible, KCDesign always devises our strut bars to enhance the original structure of body, our products are not only makes user feel steady when they’re driving, but also keep the comfort and durability of original suspension system.
        Although there are many different and relative brands and products in the market now, but we’re the first brand to get into the brand of users, we heard every suggestions from our users, to device the products with their needs. We produce our products with black pragmatically, but not colorful to stimulate your eyes. We do everything step by step that let users feel and understand our products in person to like and use our products gradually.
Every products that KCDesign considered about is wider than other foreign products, if there has a chance to encourage or support Taiwan’s company, we’re willing to receive every different suggestions, so you’re welcome to our company to visit and discuss.
Remark: The example of chassis’ position of F2x and F3X will be different because of buying-conditions of the country. The pictures above is for reference only.