Inverted Suspension (HPS-V25) - Volvo V90CC 16Y~ (SPA)

KCDesign Performance Inverted Suspension 

Although the start is late and the time to market is slow, but after a long time of road testing and matching of the same model, I am convinced that only if you have a real understanding of Volvo, you can design the products that Volvo owners need. We are definitely not the cheapest, but we will make the most for your car. Preparation for vehicle upgrade planning

Let the chassis-related modified parts no longer be a mix and match of various brands, but are not matched and wasteful, but a planned and systematic improvement, so that every upgrade of the customer is a pleasant experience.



Features of KCDesign Volvo V60CC 19Y~/ V90CC 16Y~ (SPA) inverted suspension (HPS-V25)

  • Special setting/adjustment for your car 
  • V25 Type = front was designed with full stroke inverted fork,rear was designed with adjustable stroke inverted fork
  • The spring adopts the High Performance Spring (HPS) spring developed and designed exclusively by KCDesign. It is a hot-rolled design (the same process as our anti-roll bar). Various versions of HPS springs can be matched according to the customer's requirements for road feel.
  • We have 24 levels to adjust the damping, pre-setting will be medium level (12-14), then you can adjust it higher or lower to match your needs.
  • Applicable year: Volvo V60CC 19Y~ V90CC 16Y~ (SPA) 

KCDesign Volvo V60CC 19Y~/ V90CC 16Y~ (SPA) 倒插式避震器(HPS-V25) 特色

  • 專車設定/調教,非公板避震器貼牌販售
  • V25版本為前配置粗筒全長倒插附強化上座、後配置粗筒行程可調式倒插,需沿用原廠上座
  • 調整阻尼均在下方,調整阻尼不需再透過店家即可自行調整
  • 彈簧採用KCDesign 獨家開發設計的High Performance Spring (HPS) 熱捲式高荷重彈簧,可藉由客戶的對於路感的要求,進行各種版本的HPS彈簧搭配~為台灣路面最為適當的彈簧磅數設定
  • 阻尼強度,前後24段阻尼調整,段段分明,讓車主還有往上提升以及向下減弱的空間,對應所有要軟要硬的車主
  • 適用年份: Volvo V60CC 19Y~ V90CC 16Y~ (SPA)