Volvo XC60 Trunk Floor Mats Floor Protector Foot Pad Mats
All of the Volvo New XC60 car owners will know that factory designed the storage space under the trunk baffle,
however, it was covered by the waterproof storage plate, so that it caused the storage space is nearly
useless, even the factory waterproof plate.

Off-the-shelf trunk plate only has waterproof and dustproof, if you put anything on it, the things will shake
with car, and can’t be fixed.

KCDesign designed a slip proof and waterproof mat, the slip proof effect is better than the waterproof mat
of western brand, and it could be installed by the car owners easily.

Features of KCdesign New XC60 Functional rubber slip and water proof mat:
  1. Designed with whole rubber 3D and one-piece.
  2. Without any poison material as Volvo series.
  3. Adding special slip proof patterns.
  4. Water, dust, and shaking proof, easy for cleaning.
  5. Soft, heat resistant and pressure proof, it also has sound insolation.
  6. There’s a factory pull ring opening for XC60, so that it’s easy to pull up.
  7. 7There’s an opening could be cut by yourself if you need the factory trunk 

擁有New XC60的車主們,都會知道原廠後行李箱障板下方設計了很多的置物空間,但往往都被一整


為此KCDesign 獨家設計了一款 超止滑防水置物墊~止滑效果超越歐美品牌的防水墊~一般車主也可以

KCDesign New XC60 全橡膠多功能超止滑防水托盤特色:
  1. 全橡膠3D一體式設計
  2. 秉持Volvo車系一貫的特色,無毒無味
  3. 添加特殊咬花造型,止滑效果無與倫比
  4. 防水、防塵、防震易清洗
  5. 柔軟、耐熱、耐壓且具有隔音效果
  6. 針對XC60車型更增加了原廠塑膠拉環開口,讓整個托盤可以掀起來的功能
  7. 若需要原廠的行李廂置物網掛勾,可自行切開開口使用