BMW G20 3 Series Front Member Strut Bar
Front MemBer Strut Bar
Material:Steel + SUS304 Stainless Steel
Weight:1.25 Kg

KCDesign Lower Braces Features:
  • Made of sus304 stainless steel, never rust.
  • High quality powder coating.
  • Steel strength is moderate, no noise.
  • Designed for street and race use.
  • Multi-point one-piece structure, provides better rigidity and handling.
  • Can fit factory chassis without additional modification or drilling
Solve the problem of insufficient strength of the BMW car head tank bracket.
Provide the following effects:
  1. Reduce the damage during a car accident
  2. Improved brake accuracy
  3. Directivity improvement

KCDesign 底盤結構桿 特性:
  • SUS304不鏽鋼製造,永不生鏽.
  • 高品質粉體烤漆塗裝.
  • 鋼材強度適中,無噪音.
  • 為街道、比賽使用而設計.
  • 多點一體式結構,提供更好的剛性與操控
  • 原廠鎖點直上無需額外修改、鑽孔

  1. 降低車禍時的受損程度
  2. 剎車精準度提升
  3. 指向性提升