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COVID-19 Update

Dear Fellow KCDesign Enthusiasts,

As you are aware the situation with COVID-19 has been changing rapidly. At KCDesign we have been monitoring the situation closely. We have done risk assessment with regards to how it affects not just our business, but you as our vendors and customers, as well as how it may affect the team here. We have put plans and actions into place on several operating procedures to minimize the disruption to our business.

Transport impact:
  • Taiwan Post:
From March 8th, 2021, the post office related transportation includes Surface, Surface Air Lifted, Air Mail, and EMS. Due to the sharp increase in shipping prices, additional emergency charges will be added, and the full monthly tariffs implemented from the following month will be announced every month (per kilogram valuation)
  • Fedex:
Service Update Affected by Novel Coronavirus | Released on March 17, 2021
At FedEx and TNT, we have been evaluating how to optimize operations to meet customer expectations. The new coronavirus has disrupted the global supply chain and greatly restricted air consignment capacity. In order to continue to provide the best service to our customers, we are making several global adjustments to the service and shipping time.
Please note that due to the highly variable nature of the novel coronavirus situation, the information is subject to change without notice.

Ensure punctuality, otherwise the refund (MBG) clause will not apply temporarily
Affected by the new coronavirus, local, state, and national governments around the world issue daily work and travel restrictions, which affects our ability to achieve high standards of service. Therefore, we have immediately decided to suspend all FedEx express service guarantees on time, otherwise the refund (MBG) clauses, until further notice.

Delivery and receipt suspended
In order to ensure the safety and well-being of our freight crews and customers, except for some exceptions, the Asia Pacific signature guidelines of FedEx and TNT will be temporarily adjusted. in order to
Reduce physical interaction. At present, our shipping staff will only seek verbal confirmation when most shipments are delivered. This means that most deliveries will not require your recipient's signature before further notice.

As the information above, all we know is that global freight rate increase is inevitable. Thanks for your understanding.

Notice: PayPal has revised its “Refund” policy from 16th March, 2020.
If you cancelled your order for “NO REASONS” or “INCORRECT CHOICES” (wrong product type etc.), you will not be able to get the full amount refund. Unless there are defective product issues or the compensations happened. 
In this case, order cancelled for no reasons, “4% handling fee” to be charged by PayPal.

Please make up your minds and then finish the order! 
We will be monitoring these situations closely and will advise those with affected orders as swiftly as possible. 


  • 台灣郵政:
2021.3.8 起 郵局相關運輸包含海運、陸空運、空運、EMS,因航運價格激增,故加收緊急情況附加資費,並於每個月公告自次月實施的全月資費表(採每公斤計價)
  • Fedex:
受新型冠狀病毒影響之服務更新 | 2021 年 3 月 17 日發布
在 FedEx 和 TNT,我們一直在評估如何優化營運以達成客戶的期望。新型冠狀病毒擾亂了全球的供應鏈,並使航空託運能力受到極大限制。為了繼續提供最佳服務給客戶,我們正在對服務和託運時間進行多次全球性的調整。
受新型冠狀病毒影響,導致世界各地的地方、州和國家政府每日發布工作和旅行限制,這影響了我們達成高標準服務的能力。因此,即刻起我們決定暫停所有 FedEx 快遞服務的保證準時,否則退費(MBG)條款,直至另行通知為止。

為了保障我們的運務員和客戶的安全和福祉,除了部分特例,FedEx 和 TNT 的亞太地區簽名準則將暫時調整。為了減少支體接觸,目前我們的運務員在大多數貨件遞送時,僅將尋求口頭確認。這代表,在進一步通知之前,多數的遞送不會要求您的收件人簽名。


在這種情況下,訂單無故被取消,PayPal將收取“4 %手續費”。