KC.TBS Throttle Body Spacer Design Introduction /KC.TBS 節氣門墊寬器簡介

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KC.TBS Throttle Body Spacer Design Introduction

        Throttle body spacer is a basic performance upgrade component for European and American cars for the intake system.  It is not often seen in Japanese cars, and they are often employed by older model cars.
        In 2011 KCDsign establishes KC.TBS throttle body flow booster (throttle body spacer.)  Its comprehensive production and research cover newer European and Japanese cars.  As of today it has gained wide recognition in pan-Asian countries and America.  KC.TBS has product patent in both Taiwan and China.
        KC.TBS is one of the leading manufactuers in throttle body spacer.

        The designing goal of the KC.TBS throttle space is not only used for increasing intake volume.   The main goal is to acclerate the air that flows into the throttle body and hence the engine.  The design of the spacer can be considered as that of a Venturi tube, such that air flow is accelerate  when the diameter of the passage is reduced.  Therefore, there is often an undercut design to facilitate the flow of air, and this design has been patented in Taiwan and China.

KC.TBS Throttle Body Flow Booster Design Description
        In addition to incrase manifold volume, the venturi-tube like design of the sapcer accelerates air into the engine and improves combustion efficience.  This leads to faster and more responsive acceleration even with stock intake setup.  In fact, many users have found with the automatic transmission in "D," the cars behave has if they are in semi-automatic mode.  The revs becomes more responsive, and the intake and exhaust note are more pronouced.
        With modified intake high flow system, some low rev torque can be lost becaue the air volume is too great but not flowing fast enough, and it adversely affect the kick down responses in automatic transmission.  As a result, two piece design that come to be known as KC.TBS x 2 is provided as solution.  With two pieces stacked on top of each other, the manifold volume is further enlarged, and the air flow speed is incrased further.  KC.TBS x 2 enables cars with high flow intake system to enjoy the full benefit of incrased air volume by accelerating the air flow, the driver will not experience any lost in low rev. torque. 
KC.TBS Throttle Body Flow Booster Characteristics

  • Aero space grade aluminum 6061-T6, it will not break.
  • Pioneering venturi effect shrinking inlet, there will be no carbon deposit
  • Enlarge maniforld volume
  • Improve transmission responses, noticeable when re-applying the throttle
  • Improve horsepower and torque, most noticeably in 2500 rpm ~ 3500 rpm
  • Improve intake speed, improve fuel atomization and improve efficiency
  • DIY friendly
  • Comprehenive application list, with guranteed performance.

KC. TBS Question and Answer

Q1:What is the difference between installing one or two spacers?

A1:Results can be observed with the the installation of just one spacer.  The car is able to achieve crusing speed quicker, and, therefore, indirectly saves fuel.  An added benefit is the transmssion becomes more responsive.  On many cars the installation of two spacers perform better than just one single spacer, and some improvements are quite dramatic.  Therefore the KC.TBS x 2 design is availabe, and it is the decision left to the user to determine one or two spacers should be installed.
Q2:Will the air channel be blocked with two identical spacers?

A2:In the early stage of product development, it is designed that each car should install only one piece of spacer. In theory one thick spacer should work better than two stacked spacers.  However, the added benefit of the undercut in each spacer brings about better air flow acceleration.  Hence, after some consideration, a thicker spacer is not employed but KC.TBS x 2 is recommended.
Q3:Can every car install two spacers?

A3:It depends on how much room there are in the engine bay.  Most cars are able to install two spacers.  However, our catalog will detail which cars are capable of installing two spacers.
Q4:Why are some KC.TBS thicker, and some thinner.  Is it not better to have thicker spacer?

A4:Bigger does not mean better.  Many are stuck with the idea that the spacer's only function is to increase intake volume.  However, in order to experience increased horsepower, torque, and fuel saving, the fundamental idea is air flow acceleration. Thickness is a design creterion largely determined by the available space in the engine bay, and another important factor is real world test feedbacks.  In addition to the dependence on the profile of the inlet and spacer fitting, some can only install one spacer.

KC.TBS 節氣門氣流倍增器(節氣門墊寬器) 

Volvo XC60 T5 installed KC.TBS throttle body spacer _15.jpg  


於是在2011年 由 台灣鎧新研創 創立 KC.TBS 節氣門氣流倍增器(節氣門墊寬器),正式大量設計與開發出新型歐日系車型,直到現在已經涵蓋世界各大車廠,並在這幾年相繼取得台灣和中國的新型專利,並在相繼在台港澳、日本、美國、馬來西亞和新加坡等地 造成不小的轟動。



KC.TBS 節氣門墊片 並不只是當作墊片來使用,而是有節氣門氣流倍增器的效果,其主要訴求不是在『加大進氣岐管』,而是『增加氣流流速』
​KC.TBS 設計的主軸為文式效應中的文式管效應,其解釋為對一個斷面變化的圓錐管(大→小→大),最小處叫「喉頸」,氣體流過時,由於管的截面縮小,故流速增大

依此理論設計出喇叭口的KC.TBS 節氣門氣流倍增器,又稱節氣門墊片、墊寬片等。(目前已獲得台灣和中國大陸的專利證明),此為跟坊間追隨者最大不同的地方。



KC Throttle Body Spacer(KC.TBS) 節氣門氣流倍增器(節氣門墊寬器):
※ 航太鋁合金6061-T6製造,永久不損壞
※ 首創專利型文式效應、喇叭口漸縮設計,不容易卡積碳
※ 增加岐管容積,加大岐管之功效
※ 提升變速箱換檔反應,收油在補油門反應迅速
※ 提升馬力扭力,2500RPM到3500RPM效果最明顯
※ 提升進氣流速,增加進氣霧化效果,提升燃油燃燒效率
※ DIY容易,原廠直接對應,所有配件均不缺,買回去便可直接安裝
※ 車種多達數百餘款,品質、效果皆掛保證



Nissan New March KC.TBS Throttle Body Spacer_004.jpg



而已改裝進氣者安裝(高流量濾網除外),因流量過多,卻發生『流速過慢』導致會喪失些微低速扭力(例如香菇頭),不利於自排變速箱的Kick Down反應!!因此才延伸推出了KC.TBS x2 (安裝兩片KC.TBS)!

透過加長兩倍的KC.TBS 節氣門氣流倍增器(節氣門墊寬器)後,增加了歧管空氣容積和加速的氣流速度,使因進氣改裝較通之車輛,在行進間瞬間踩油門所發生扭力不足的狀況降低,並不會因延長導致流速變慢.故會感到換檔銜接更為順暢!


KC TBS 節氣門氣流倍增器 保固條款:

※ 節氣門氣流倍增器本體 非人為因素或外力撞擊導致毀損致無法正常使用時,將提供終生保固
※ 節氣門氣流倍增器本體為陽極發色處理,引擎室高溫或因人為因素接觸到酸蝕液體導致變色,此為正常現象
※ 相關節氣門氣流倍增器配件,如螺絲、防漏氣墊片、墊圈 等耗材,若有遺失或毀損,均可單售



KC.TBS 節氣門氣流倍增器 常問的問題:

Q1 KC.TBS 裝一顆和裝兩顆有何差別?

A:裝一顆就可以達到提升低速扭力、轉數拉轉週期比原廠時還快到達,故可更快到達巡航的檔位,間接有省油的效果,另外變速箱換檔也會更為迅速有力。而裝兩顆之後,在多數的車型上,都可以在更優化上述的反應,因為有蠻多車主測試兩顆後的效果還蠻驚艷的,所以才推出KC.TBS x2 的產品項目,讓車主自行決定是否要加裝第二顆。

Q2 KC.TBS 裝兩顆相同的,不就會阻礙進氣道?

A:在產品開發初期,就是設定一台車裝一顆,因上述原因的關係,進而推出重跌兩顆的KC.TBS,在理論上是一顆厚的創造文式效應後的氣流會比重疊兩顆來的順。可是在文式效應的氣流導角上,就會略差於兩顆,反而創造氣流加速的效應會減少,且單片加厚的效果不會比兩片重疊之厚的效果來的明顯更多,故在經過評估之後,就沒有在另外設計加厚版的KC.TBS,就直接採用KC.TBS x2 的設計。

Q3 是否每台車都可以裝兩顆嗎?


Q4 怎麼有的KC.TBS 比較厚,有的比較薄?不是越厚越好嗎?

A:鎧新所設計的KC.TBS 已經跳脫以往大家覺得就只是墊寬進氣崎管用的墊片的設計。其真正設計的理念『增加流速』。因唯有增加氣流速度,才會有扭力提升、拉轉快速、省油有力的效果,而在部分的車型因為空間的關係,或是固定螺絲為特殊規格,在不破壞周邊配件的情況下,將會視情況『崁入』進氣岐管內,來達到跟一般厚度的KC.TBS 相同的進氣加速道。也因為崁入後,文式效應的喇叭口設計,會不利於重疊的安裝,所以大多較薄的車型,就只能安裝到一片。