Front Lower Bar (4-Point) - Mini F54/F55

Product information

KCDESIGN Brake System - Brake pad

Front Lower Bar (4 Point) 
Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel
Weight:2.60 Kg


KCDesign lower braces Features:


  • Made of sus304 stainless steel, never rust.
  • High quality powder coating.
  • Steel strength is moderate, no noise.
  • Designed for street and race use.
  • Multi-point one-piece structure, provides better rigidity and handling.
  • Can fit factory chassis without additional modification or drilling
The design located between the front subframe and the body serves to reinforce the connection area between the chassis and the body, enhancing the overall rigidity of the chassis. This leads to a stable and secure driving experience. The specific structure may vary depending on the vehicle manufacturer's design.

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