Inverted Suspension (HPS-V2) - Volvo V60CC,XC60 (P3)


KCDESIGN Shock Absorbers - Inverted fork shock absorber

Inverted Suspension (HPS-V2) - Volvo V60CC,XC60 (P3)

KCDesign  Performance  Inverted  Suspension 

Although the start is late and the time to market is slow, but after a long time of road testing and matching of the same model, I am convinced that only if you have a real understanding of Volvo, you can design the products that Volvo owners need. We are definitely not the cheapest, but we will make the most for your car. Preparation for vehicle upgrade planningLet the chassis-related modified parts no longer be a mix and match of various brands, but are not matched and wasteful, but a planned and systematic improvement, so that every upgrade of the customer is a pleasant experience.


  • Special setting/adjustment for your car 
  • V2 Type is front & rear was designed with inverted fork. Provides strong support and comfort
  • Front and rear body can be adjusted individually, it will not reduce the life of spring. 
  • The spring adopts the High Performance Spring (HPS) spring developed and designed exclusively by KCDesign. It is a hot-rolled design (the same process as our anti-roll bar). Various versions of HPS springs can be matched according to the customer's requirements for road feel.
  • We have 24 levels to adjust the damping, pre-setting will be medium level (12-14), then you can adjust it higher or lower to match your needs.
  • Applicable year:Volvo V60CC 2011~2019、XC60 2011-2018  (P3)
  • Vehicle height adjustment range: 0~ -50mm (Front), 0~ -55mm (Rear)

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