Deive-E T4/T5/T6/T8 Performance Ignition coils

商品資訊(Product information)

品名 (Product):強化點火線圈  Performance Ignition coils

適用車型 (Applicable Models): 

  • Volvo S60/V60/V60CC 19Y- T4/T5/T6/T8 Phev)
  • Volvo S90/V90/V90CC 15Y- T4/T5/T6/T8 Phev)
  • Volvo XC60 18Y- T4/T5/T6/T8 Phev)
  • Volvo XC90 18Y- T5/T6/T8 Phev)
顏色 (Color):黑 Black

KCDesign 強化點火線圈開發背景 
Performance Ignition Coils Development Background

KCDesign 持續經營 Volvo的 售後改裝市場,於2020初年研發出 優於原廠的加強型點火線圈,經過2年的不斷修正與改良,很高興的我們正式完成了 可做於原廠交換件型的KCDesign 強化點火線圈。

其強化點火線圈採用更好的隔熱樹脂,有效隔絕因點火強化而導致的高溫,獲得更好的導電性以及耐用性,適合Volvo 所有Drive-E T4/T5/T6 汽油車型以及 Phev T6/T8 油電車型。

KCDesign continues to operate Volvo's after-sales modification market. In early 2020, it developed an enhanced ignition coil that is better than the original factory. After 2 years of continuous revision and improvement, we are very happy to have officially completed the replacement part type for the original factory. KCDesign reinforced ignition coil.

Its reinforced ignition coil uses better thermal insulation resin, which effectively isolates the high temperature caused by ignition enhancement, obtains better conductivity and durability, and is suitable for all Volvo Drive-E T4/T5/T6 gasoline models and Phev T6/T8 Petrol-electric model.

KCDesign 強化點火線圈 特色 (Performance Ignition Coils Features) :

  • 與原廠相容可直接替換 (Compatible with the original factory and can be directly replaced)
  • 安裝迅速不影響保固 (Quick installation without affecting warranty)
  • 強化點火效率提升油門反應 (Enhance ignition efficiency and improve throttle response) 
  • 提升馬力,加速有力順暢 (Increase horsepower, accelerate powerfully and smoothly)
  • 提升燃燒效能,兼具省油之功效 (Improve combustion efficiency and save fuel)