Front Stabilizer link / Adjustable Endlink - Volvo S60/V60/XC60/S80/XC70 P3 Platform / XC40 CMA


品名(Products):Front Stabilizer link / Adjustable Endlink
適用車型 (Applicable Models): 

  • Volvo V40 13-19Y
  • Volvo S60 11~18Y
  • Volvo V60 11~18Y
  • Volvo XC60 11-17Y
  • Volvo S80 07~ P3 platform
  • Volvo V70/XC70 07~ P3 ​platform
  • Volvo XC40 18Y~

可調整距離 (Adjustable):280mm-319mm
配件 (Accessories):2 PCS/SET

KCDesign 可調式李子串可讓您微調防傾桿的位置,以達到最佳控制。
(KCDesign adjustable sway bar endlinks allow you to fine-tune the position of the anti-roll bar to achieve optimal control.
The adjuster connecting rod body is made of high-strength steel or aluminum, with a tight ball joint and rubber dust cover. It has excellent strength and hardness, and is very suitable for use with reduced or original models.)

產品特性 (features): 

  • 可調式防傾桿連桿 (Adjustable sway bar end links)
  • 附有自潤滑軸承和支架 (Self-lubricating bearings and brackets)
  • 更直接的能量傳遞與路感 (More direct energy transfer and sense of road)
  • 提高減震器和防傾桿的操控性能 (Improve the handling performance of shock absorbers and anti-roll bars)
  • 降低汽車高度的最佳選配 (The best optional parts to reduce the height of the car)