Rear Strut Bar - BMW F20/F21/F22/F30/F32/F36/F80/F87

Product information

KCDESIGN  -  Strut Bar 

Rear Strut Bar
Material:SUS304 Stainless Steel
Color:Powder paint - Black

KCDesign lower braces Features:

  • Made of sus304 stainless steel, never rust.
  • High quality powder coating.
  • Steel strength is moderate, no noise.
  • Designed for street and race use.
  • Multi-point one-piece structure, provides better rigidity and handling.
  • Can fit factory chassis without additional modification or drilling
Do not destroy the built-in,can be a complete reduction of the original trunk box buttons need not be removed,as well as any modified rear strut bar.
Can inhibit the rear tail, due to excessive horsepower caused by torque steering erratic problem, the rear is more stable.
And dynamically respond more quickly, traction Control System can be delayed intervention. Rigidity is more solid!
(Recommended with KCDesign all lower braces is more better)

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